Wiring a House or Property in Hull

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When wiring your house or property, safety will be of utmost concern. When your home is wired properly, it is as safe as can be, however, improper wiring will make it hazardous and disaster may not be too far. This is one of the main reasons there are stringent rules when it comes to wiring and installations. There may be times when wiring can seem like a small project such as changing a few things here and there.

While some of the electrical solutions you can do by yourself such as changing sockets or bulbs, there are some which you should leave to experts. Electrical wiring is one of them and here are some of the reasons.

Safety is Key

According to statistics from the Electrical Safety First Organisation, there were 1380 fatalities and injuries as a result of electrical fires. This averaged 27 in a week and 4 per day. The organisation also reported that out of the total number of fires reported in the UK, up to 54.4% were as a result of electricity. These are grim statistics and all the reason why you should consult experts to take care of your wiring needs.

Main causes of electrical wiring in Hull faults

a) Old Wiring

Since we use electricity on a daily basis, electrical wires will tend to wear and tear. They will even pose a larger risk of damage if they have not been replaced for a long time. In addition, when we continue adding appliances, they will be more susceptible to damage which may cause a risk.

It is thus important to get an expert to check their condition and advice whether they need to be changed. This is especially advisable if your wiring is more than 20 years old. You may also need to install the latest electrical wiring systems, which are of a higher standard.

b) Frayed wires

Wires may sometimes get frayed and this also poses a huge risk. This is because when the frayed wires come into contact with each other, they may spark and result in fires or damage to equipment. When you suspect there are frays in your wiring system, it is advisable to contact a professional to check out your wiring and also inspect if there are other problems.

c) Lack of safety contingencies

Sometimes you may find that most accidents happen because there were no safety measures taken in place such as the installation of the correct type of circuit breakers to handle the amount of electricity your home uses. Furthermore, some owners may add electronics which the circuit breakers may not be able to accommodate and this may result in risks. Therefore, when adding to your electrical needs such as expanding your house, it is advisable to seek advice on whether your current electrical system will handle the added demands.

If you need any help with your electrical wiring in Hull needs, you can contact us here at Mertech Electrical. We are a professional company and we perform all kinds of wiring such as data wiring and electrical installations in your home or business. we will even install a proper fire alarm system and smoke detector to enhance your safety. Remember that when it comes to electricity, safety is of paramount importance.

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