Throwback Tuesday: Power Links (1973)

Power lines

A look at the Electricity Council's 1973 film on power lines

Before the present system was implemented, the CEGB was responsible for our power stations. At local level, electricity boards supplied our electricity and maintained the local power lines as well as substations. Promoting the activities of the Central Electricity Generating Board and our electricity boards was the Electricity Council.

The Electricity Council was created in 1957 and went beyond promotional films, or telling people to save energy. They worked on the research side of electricity supply with the Secretary of State for Energy. Their 1973 film, Power Links, gave us an overview of how Britain’s 20 million customers got access to efficient electricity supplies.

Also of interest, besides the technical side, is the Moog synthesizer soundtrack, and the fashions. Firmly placing Power Links in the 1970s, is the sight of smokers in the office. Especially the pipe smoking electrical engineering.

Mertech Electrical, 27 June 2017.


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