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Renewables Form Over 50% of UK Energy


Breakthrough for renewables achieved on 06 and 07 June.

Winds of change: offshore wind turbines accounted for one tenth of Britain’s energy sources on the 06 June 2017. Image by Nuttawut Uttamaharad (via Shutterstock).

For renewable energy sources, the 06 and 07 June were dates to remember, at least for the UK’s reduced dependence on fossil fuels. On the 06 June, a Tuesday, 10% of the UK’s power came from offshore wind turbines. The following Wednesday saw renewables accounting for 50.7% of UK energy sources.

The above figure was achieved by lunchtime that Wednesday. This included wood pellets and hydro electricity sources as well as solar panels and wind turbines. By 2pm, the above sources combined with nuclear electricity, accounted for 72.1% of the UK’s energy supply.

On the National Grid’s Control Room Twitter feed, here’s how last week’s milestone was recorded:

“For the first time ever this lunchtime wind, nuclear and solar were all generating more than both gas and coal combined.”

Whereas the 07 June turned out to be a red letter day for renewables, another record was broken. At 10am, not a single coal fired power station was on, hence this tweet:

At 10:00am #coal power stations were generating 0 GW (0% of national demand) with #gas units contributing 15.3 GW (42.2%)

We could be seeing another coal free day. As for the use for renewables, the only way is up.

Mertech Electrical, 14 June 2017.


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