Music for Electricians: A Powerful Playlist

Music for Electricians

Possible tunes for a powerful playlist aimed at electricians:

1. The Power, Snap! (1990)

April 1990 brought us this memorable Number One single. This was the Dutch group’s biggest hit that year and their first British Number One. Their next chart topper would be Rhythm Is A Dancer.

2. I’m On Fire, 5000 Volts (1975)

Before Tina Charles went solo, she was part of a group known as 5000 Volts. The group had two hit singles in the UK: I’m On Fire and Dr. Kiss Kiss. The former is the best of the two.

3. Electric Avenue, Eddy Grant (1982)

No playlist for electricians is complete without Eddy Grant’s classic tune, kept off the Number One spot by René and Renato and Phil Collins. It is named after a part of Brixton. The 1981 riots inspired this tune.

4. Amateur Hour, Sparks (1974)

Similarly, no playlist for electricians is complete without the Mael brothers’ output. Collectively known as Sparks, 1974 was a wonderful year with This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us, and this one doing well in the charts. Both featured on their breakthrough album Kimono My House.

5. Danger! High Voltage, Electric Six (2003)

How can we forget the similarly quirky Electric Six? Headed by Dick Valentine, the group have been performing since 1996, originally as Wildbunch. This electrifying tune peaked at Number Two in the UK charts, later followed up by the non-PC Gay Bar. The promo video was equally memorable.

6. Thunderstruck, AC/DC (1990)

Any electricians without AC/DC’s 1990 tune should be ashamed of themselves for missing an epic anthem. What is there not to like about its epic opening guitar riff?

7. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?, Tubeway Army (1979)

In the middle of 1979, Gary Numan’s group, Tubeway Army embraced the synthesizer and the rest, they say, was history. Are ‘Friends’ Electric propelled the group to Number One and popularised electronic pop music. It was later sampled in Freak Like Me, a smash for The Sugababes.

A Possible LP for Electricians?

Look no further than T. Rex’s Electric Warrior LP from 1971. Two tracks would become chart singles for Marc Bolan’s group including Get It On.

A Tribute Act for Electricians?

The appropriately named duo Fused do a good line in original pieces and cover versions. Musically, they are influenced by Gary Numan and Depeche Mode.

Mertech Electrical, 16 February 2017.


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