How Does a Fuse Box Work?

fuse box

Mertech Electrical examine what a fuse box is and how it actually works.

A fuse box is a spot where electricity is distributed and controlled as it is called a customer unit. It is straightforward to find and knowing where it is can be very helpful when the need to switch the electricity comes up. After the fuse box installation, it contains a few interesting, important thing s that are worth knowing about. These include the Residual devices, the main switch and also the circuit breakers. A lot of people have old fuse boxes and may consider replacing them. If it has a cast iron switch or a wooden back, it could be too old. Also if it has a lot of different fuses it is a sign it could be an older version.

What is a fuse?

A fuse can be spotted at the place of the circuit breakers. The fuses have a wire running in between two screws. When the power is too much the wire may become too hot and melt. It makes the fuse to break and disconnect the circuit hence preventing a fire or damaging any electronics in the home.

(1) Residual devices.

They are switches that disconnect the electricity if any problems may threaten your safety. They tip the circuit in such situations.

(2) The main switch.

This is the switch that allows you to switch the electricity on and off. If you have different main switches, then you get different fuseboxes. A good example is electric heaters which could have a main switch.

(3) Circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers automatically protect the devices that disconnect the circuit in the fuse box in case they sense a problem. They are efficient and cool as well as being very precise.

When the fuse break and fuse box replacement is needed some precautions should be taken. You should ensure that you switch off the main switch or breaker inside the fusebox. Also one should wear gloves and even consider wearing rubber soles and be completely dry. There are also some things that you should know about your specific fuse box. The first thing is to understand where precisely it is located in the home. The second thing is what type of fuseboxes you are using and what is condition they are in. Also, you should know if the main switch works well by trying to turn it on and off severally. Calling a professional is very advised in case you suspect anything dangerous or for fuse box installation.

Mertech Electrical, 7th November 2017.

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