Green Energy UK to Offer Cheaper Night Time Bills

How a switch to night time electricity could mean cheaper bills

If you have an Economy 7 or Economy 10 tariff on your domestic fuel bills, low cost nighttime electricity bills are the norm. This is achieved via storage heaters and special meters where the nighttime electricity is ‘stored’ for daytime use.

If you thought Economy 7 or Economy 10 was cheap enough, be amazed by Green Energy UK’s move. Their offer uses the controversial smart meters, offering residents cheaper nighttime rates. Without the need for storage heaters. The saving would be an 80% discount on standard tariffs. Rates start at 4.99p per unit between 11pm and 6am before rising to 24.99p per unit between 4pm and 9pm.

On their website, Green Energy UK’s environmental credentials are available to see. Symbolised by a cow shaped chart, 70.58% of its energy is generated by Combined Heat and Power units. For further information, their website is

Mertech Electrical, 05 January 2017.


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