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France to Ban New Oil and Gas Explorations

Oil Gas Explorations

Mr Hulot, President Macron's Environment Minister declares the end of new gas and oil explorations

A thing of the past: new offshore oil explorations in France and in French overseas territories. Image by Xmentoys (via Shutterstock).

With the emphasis on making our planet great again, Emmanuel Macron's government have come with a good way of saving the planet. By Autumn of this year, Environment Minister, Mr Hulot has decided to outlaw new gas and oil explorations. The Ecological Transition minister said "there will be no new exploration licences for hydrocarbons".

As well as ending new oil and gas explorations, he has also called for a ban on hydraulic fracturing (fracking). This includes the French Guiana overseas territory. Hulot’s proposals complement similar ones to cut atomic energy use from 75% to 50% of French power stations by 2025.

Nicolas Hulot has been noted for his nature documentaries and favours higher taxation for diesel cars. To reduce France’s dependence on nonrenewable energy, President Macron plans a renovation programme, designed to cut carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption. Targeted at French households, this will reduce fuel poverty and boost jobs.

Mertech Electrical, 26 June 2017.


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