The Different Types of Fuses

Types of Fuses

A fuse is a current resistor that helps break too much current which helps protect electrical appliances from electrical damage. Its essential component is a metal strip that melts when there is too much current hence interrupting the circuit.

Here are the different types of fuses

Fuses are mainly classified based on the type of circuit they are used on, that is, AC and DC fuses.

DC Fuses

What differentiates a DC fuse from an AC fuse is the size. In the event that the current exceeds the limit in a DC circuit the metallic wire melts and interrupts the power supply to the rest of the circuit. Also, DC fuses are placed at a larger distance when compared to AC fuses. This is because the DC constant value is always above zero volts (0V) and there is a high chance of an electric arc between the melted arc, which is difficult to avoid and turn off.

The distance minimizes the probability of the arc because the distance between the electrodes is increased.

AC Fuses

AC voltage varies between 50 or 60 times every second with the signal varying from minimum to maximum. At one point the AC voltage variation hits OV, which makes the arc between the melted electrodes easy to remove.

Hence, AC fuses are smaller in size than DC fuses.

Rewirable Fuses

These are low voltage fuses commonly used in house wiring, and small-scale industries.

Rewirable Fuses have two main parts, the fuse carrier, which keeps the element in place, and the fuse base. The fuse carrier can be unplugged and plugged easily from the fuse base with little risk of an electric shock. The fuse is also replaceable which is a major advantage of this type of fuse.

High voltage fuses

These are used in main power systems and are meant for any voltage above 1500V up to 138000V. These fuses are normally used to protect small power transformers where the installed circuit breakers cannot guarantee protection.

The HV fuse element is made of silver or copper to offer the much-needed stability in performance. Other types of fuses include resettable fuses which are used in military operations and automotive fuses used in vehicles.

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Mertech Electrical, 20 April 2017.


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