The Different Tasks an Electrician Carries Out

Different Tasks of Electricians

When many people are asked about the role of an electrician, the most common description is that of a person who deals with electricity. While this description is true, it is somehow general. Electricians fall in different groups, with each group performing a special kind of task. For example, electricians may be grouped as residential electricians, inside electricians and commercial electricians among others, mainly grouped in the tasks they undertake. Here are some of the main roles played by electricians.

Reading and Interpreting Blueprints

An electrician is tasked with the job of establishing where various electrical components such as wiring, circuits, panels boards and outlets among others are supposed to pass and be placed according to the blueprints. This will ensure the plans for the building are executed in a manner that is safe and convenient to access at a later date when maintenance work is required. It also ensures the electrical systems function properly.

Planning the Layout and Installing the Wiring Systems

Electricians are also tasked with installing electrical equipment, fixtures and other apparatus in a building. The electrician will be required to ensure the functionality or compatibility of the wiring system and its components. It is also important for the electrician to be well versed with new technological advances in the industry.

Perform Electrical Inspections

Due to safety concerns, electricians are routinely called upon to conduct inspections and troubleshooting tasks. This is usually because electrical systems are prone to damage and any malfunction may be hazardous. Electricians are also required to follow acceptable practices and procedures laid down by the necessary regulatory agencies. A qualified electrician should also be able to identify potential hazards and come up with plans to rectify them before they happen.

Maintenance Work

Most electrical tasks usually involve installation and maintenance. Electrical components such as fuses, switches and circuit breakers among others need constant maintenance when they break or fail in their intended functions. The electrician will be called upon to either replace or repair them in order to avoid inconveniences.

Electrical Upgrades

Home or business owners may feel it is time to upgrade their electrical equipment. This may be prompted when you want to install the latest electrical systems or thinking of changing the design of your home or business. When it comes to this type of work, it is important to have a qualified electrician who is well versed with these sort of jobs. This is especially important if you want to reuse some of the materials such as the wiring or circuits.


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