And After All, You’re My Powerwall

Solar Energy

How Tesla’s Powerwall offers a compact electrical generator, which stores enough solar energy for a day’s electricity supply

Our friend Elon Musk has come up with another way of revolutionising our electricity supply. With his interests in electric cars and solar roofs raising Tesla’s profile, Elon Musk has added the Powerwall to his portfolio.

The Powerwall is a ginormous battery with a useable capacity of 13.5kWh. This is enough to power a semi-detached house and ample enough for a two-bedroom terraced house for a day. Up to nine Powerwalls can be daisy chained for larger properties. Its dimensions are 1150mm x 755mm x 155mm, about the same length and width as an A0 sheet of paper. It stores energy purchased from the grid outside peak hours for use in your own time. Its enclosure is waterproof and dustproof.

Energy flow can be charted via the Powerwall’s smartphone app. You can use the Powerwall as a permanent system, or as a backup generator during a power cut. They can either be wall mounted or floor mounted, inside or outside your home. If you already have a solar energy source, Powerwall is compatible, using the solar panels.

Most importantly, it is a step towards reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. But, these steps do not come cheap. The asking price is £6,350 including VAT at 20%. A deposit of £400 is required. Installation and extra hardware adds £950 to the price tag. To start off with, a fearsome outlay for your wallet but, given its 10-year-guarantee, you are looking at £730.50 a year (if you include the £950 for installation).

Installations will begin in March 2017. How long will it be before they become a must-have item for the home? We like the look of Tesla’s latest creation and the whole concept.

Mertech Electrical, 16 February 2017.


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