The 38 Billion Rupee Electricity Bill

Shock as Jharkhand resident receives erroneous electricity bill

Jharkhand is noted for its waterfalls but over the last month, the last place for a cheap utility bill. If Guha’s experience is anything to go by. Image by Abir Roy Barman (via Shutterstock).

What could you do with £458 million? Buy Hull City Football Club? Improve the rail service to Scarborough via Beverley and Bridlington? Or pay the mother of all electricity bills? Before you complain about the cost of the average electricity bill on these shores, spare a thought for Guha, a Jharkhand resident.

On the 13 August this year, B.R. Guha received an electricity bill for 38 billion rupees. The bill, equivalent to £458 million in pound sterling, came as a shock to the Jamshedpur, Jharkhand resident. Next, he complained to the Jharkhand Electricity Board whilst he was, for the time being, disconnected.

Guha said in ANI News: "It came as a surprise to us. We didn't anticipate this. We have a house of 3 rooms. We use three fans, three tubelights and a TV at times. How can we have such a huge bill?" This annoyed his daughter, Ratna Biswas, who said her father had low blood pressure. Her father also said his wife was diabetic.

Ratna Biswas has filed a complaint with the police over the electricity bill. She has been backed by her neighbours and a full investigation will be made.

Mertech Electrical, 15th August 2017.


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