CCTV & Burglar Alarm Installers Hull


Mertech Electrical can install a range of security systems on your property. Using industry standard components, we can create a solution that is tailored to your requirements.

Having security systems in place can identify criminals should someone break in or attempt to steal from your home or business. Alarm systems can be used to alert either you or your neighbours that something is afoot. Should you be away from home, PIR sensors can detect movement caused by someone in your home. This can then trigger the alarm. Included in the long list of security devices is CCTV cameras, which can be installed to be visible, or installed covertly so a would-be theif can't see them. Access control devices can be installed which can use codes, swipecards and even biometrics. The Access control systems can control magnets which hold the doors closed, or alternatively can move solenoid magnets which are attached to a locking bar.

How do PIR sensors work?

PIR Sensors, or Passive Infrared Sensors, measure the levels of infrared light radiating from objects within its field of view, the translucent window on the sensor. The infrared radiation emitted by humans and animals can be detected by the PIR sensor, and changes of the positions of this radiation can also be detected. This is how the alarm is triggered.

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