Extra Power Sockets

Power Sockets

In the last three to four decades, the average home has changed from being somewhere to rest one’s head for the night to that of an entertainment centre. People are more likely to curl in front of a video game console or the internet than go to the pub. Depending on the age of your house, you may find your home has too few wall sockets. This could mean a plethora of extension leads and four-gang sockets which could overload the home electrics.

We at Mertech Electrical can take care of that. Today’s households need enough wall sockets for the computer, games console, flat screen television, satellite or cable digiboxes, Bluray player, WiFi hub and the cordless phone. Then you need a spare socket or two to charge your smartphone or tablet. That’s just the living room, let alone the kitchen or your bedroom.

Though the problem could be rectified by strategically-placed surge protection leads, upgrading your wall sockets provide a sound and more dependable connection. We can either add some more wall sockets to the perimeter of your room, or repair existing wall sockets that have been damaged. These include double and single sockets and enclosures in whatever style you choose (i.e, the bog-standard white socket or traditional looking brass sockets).

As well as the conventional three-pin sockets, we can also fit shaver sockets in bathrooms. We can also fit enclosures and junction boxes for electric heaters, and dedicated sockets for electric cookers. All work from installing a single socket to a complete rewiring is fully guaranteed. Where needed, we can undertake emergency works.

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