Fuse Boxes

Fuse Box Replacement

Fuses can be life savers as well as power savers. They regulate the current flow of any given electrical circuit and break the circuit if it overloads. It is amazing how a strip of wire can stop our electrics from going awry. To ensure their safe operation, fuse boxes need to be maintained. This is where Mertech Electrical comes to the fore.

We at Mertech Electrical are able to service any fuse box and cover the East Riding of Yorkshire, the city of Hull, and further afield. We can work with domestic and industrial clients, with experience of 240V single phase and 415V three phase systems. Our work is fully guaranteed.

How does a fuse box work?

A fuse box is made up of three parts. Its most important part is the mains switch. The fuse box (also known as the consumer unit), is the very point where your electricity comes from. This is seen within your electricity meter, which may be seen in your front room, or outside in a lockable cupboard. If you have a storage heater or an electric cooker for example, there may be a separate mains switch.

The second part of any consumer unit are residual current devices. These trip the circuit if under dangerous conditions. It is a sensitive device which cuts out the electrical supply if there’s a fault. They are designed to mitigate any risk of electrocution and fire caused by earth faults.

The third part can either be a bank of circuit breakers or a bank of fuses. With the former, circuit breakers are automatic protection devices in the fuse box. Any faulty circuits are switched off when a fault is detected. Once they trip, you can reset the switch. With fuses, the fuse wire between the two screws melts inside the case. When melted, the fuse breaks, and disconnects the circuit.

When should I change my fuse box?

As soon as possible, if your fuse box was made before the 1960s. If your fuse box is mounted on a wooden back, has cast iron switches and a mixture of fuses, it may have been installed before the 1960s. Today’s electrical systems utilise the BS1363:1967 British Standards, which have been fully implemented since September 1967. Fuse boxes come under BS 1362:1973 with the present system having been in place since 1973.

BS1363:1967 superseded the previous British Standards BS 1363:1947 and BS 2814:1957.

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