Fire Alarm Installation


Mertech Electrical provides installs fire alarm systems for a range of clients around Hull. We provide a range of solutions designed to fit any budget and requirements.

Without a functional fire alarm system, your premises faces an increased risk of being destroyed by fire. Fire Alarms work by both actively monitoring and detecting fires, and allowing people to raise the alarm should they come across one.

Whether it's a small smoke detector for your home or a large-scale fire alarm system for a large office, we can install them. Small smoke detectors are relatively cheap, and save lives. You can have them either powered from a battery, or from your mains supply. Larger fire alarm systems will be powered by the mains supply. One thing to note with some fire alarms running from the mains supply: if the power fails, they will likely trigger the alarm. You should also use a heat detector in the Kitchen, as it means burning your food doesn't trigger the alarm. It only goes off when the room temperature is much higher than it should be, as caused by a fire.

How do smoke detectors work?

Smoke Detectors feature two electrodes, and a radioactive source, which emits alpha radiation, essentially helium particles without their electrons. As they are missing their electrons, they carry a charge, which allows current to flow between the two electrodes. Smoke gets in the way of this, reducing the current flow. A sensor detects the drop in current and triggers the alarms. This also means, should there be a power cut, your fire alarm will also go off, powered by a backup supply.

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