Electrical Services in Hull


Mertech provide their electrical services to a range of clients in and around Hull. We can provide our services for a range of different scenarios in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. We are registered with NICEIC and are compliant to Part P of the Building Regulations, which concerns the safety of electrical installations.

RCD Installation

Whether your lights aren't working, an RCD keeps tripping or you need a complete re-wire, we can help you. RCDs will trip if there's an imbalance in the current in the Live and Neutral cables in the circuit. You'd get this imbalance if the electricity was taking an alternative route, for example, the earth wire, or, in the case of outdoor appliances, there's a tear in the cable and it's able to jump to the ground. If on a metal appliance there's a current leakage, chances are a rather nasty 230V are running through the metal case. This is lethal, which is why RCDs are a necessity. RCDs will notice the drop in current in the neutral, and cut the power, as it'll assume it's being short-circuited somewhere. This prevents a potentially fatal shock from someone touching the appliance.

Partial & Complete Re-wires in Hull

Mertech Electrical specialise in a variety of electrical services including partial and complete rewires in and around Hull. If you are unlucky enough to live in a house with very bad wiring, you'll probably be in need of a re-wire. Re-wiring involves disconnecting all of the existing circuitry in a building and re-installing it. Re-wiring make 100% certain that the electrics are compliant with Part P of the Building Code, and are completely safe. While we're re-wiring, we can also take the opportunity to install new sockets for you. We'd recommend having a re-wire done before you decorate, as we'd need to cut into the walls to install sockets, and in some places the cables themselves, although some of them can run through the gaps in the walls, and in the crawl space under the house, if your house has them.

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