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Mertech Electrical provides data wiring services to our customers in Hull and the surrounding areas. We're right for you if you have large amounts of data cabling to install.

Office Networks

Setting a wired network up in an office isn't easy. In a relatively large office, you can have a large number of workstations, which all have to be connected to the network. You'll also have multiple rooms, all with this many workstations in them, meaning miles of data network cabling is required to make sure every workstation has its vital network access.

Data Network Cabling

At Mertech Electrical, we can help you set up an efficient data network cabling system so that you can get every last workstation connected to the network without needing bare cables running across floors and desks, a potential health and safety nightmare! We use conduits to carry large numbers of cables together, and they're all neatly bundled using cable ties to keep them together. These are then taken to either the floor or ceiling, where they can easily be run to where they need to go. The network cables are typically attached to faceplates on the conduits, with standard ethernet (RJ45) sockets, so a short length of network cable is needed to connect to the workstation and the socket.


If you're setting up a datacentre full of servers, your needs for network connectivity will not be that much different from an office situation. All your servers need to be able to communicate, so network connectivity is critical. We can efficiently wire up your servers so that the cabling is tidy, and doesn't inhibit access to the server, should you need to access them. Whether you have 10 servers or 10,000 servers, we'll be able to help you out.

With all that expensive computer equipment, you'll need a good fire alarm system to help prevent fires. Fortunately, we can install these for you, too! You'll probably need electrical services to get power to all those servers, lucky that you're on an electrician's website!

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